Infinity™ All-In-One Disposable Vaporizer – PA

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Ready-to-use medical marijuana vaporizer pens using expertly extracted CO2 oil from our naturally harvested flower to achieve strain-specific effects. Lightweight, discreet, and portable.

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Expertly Grown + Extracted in PA

Ready-to-use Standard Farms disposable vapes offer a true to plant experience with strain-specific flavor and effects.

Our premium oil combined with high-quality CCELL® hardware delivers a first-class vaping experience.

Available in 300mg Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains.

A Strain for Every Need

White Widow:

Hybrid strains contain similar levels of indica and sativa and provide a balanced mix of body and cerebral effects.

Pre-98 Bubba Kush:

Indica Dominant strains tend to provide full-body, relaxing effects and can help relieve symptoms of insomnia and pain.

Cinderella 99:

Sativa Dominant strains are known to produce cerebral, uplifting effects and can help relieve symptoms of mood disorders.

Dosing Instructions:

  • Inhale in 3-second increments to activate the vaporizer.
    • A 3-second hit is considered 1 dose.
    • Vaporizer automatically shuts off after 10 seconds.
  • Onset of effects ranges from 2-5 minutes.


  • Do I need to recharge my Infinity™ vaporizer?
    • No. Infinity™ is a single-use, all-in-one disposable vaporizer and does not require recharging.
  • How long does Infinity™ last?
    • It depends. Many variables affect how many activations a disposable vape can provide. Factors include the duration of inhalation and the type of extract.
    • CCELL® all-in-one disposables vaporize oil at a consistent rate of 5mg per 3-second draw. Based on this level of consumption, a 300mg cartridge would last about 60 draws.

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White Widow
Pre 98 Bubba Kush
Cinderella 99


Hybrid, Indica, Sativa