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Gabe G.
Age: 43

I have been a medical cannabis patient for the past 3 years and rely on standard farms for their high-quality products. I use the 1:1 CBD to THC cartridges for my anxiety in the morning and relaxes me at night.

Jessica J.
Age: 61

I have been an avid runner for the past 5 years and experience joint and muscle pain in my lower extremities. I have used a traditional pain cream in that past to help mitigate the pain until I tried the Standard Farms salve. The salve gives me immediate relief in my legs and hips and allows for that relief to last longer compared to a traditional topical.

Lenny D.
Age: 35

I have been a medical patient in PA since 2017 and have solely used Standard Farms products since day 1. The quality and consistency of the oil has helped me with chronic pain and headaches. Their Pamelina strain has been my favorite indica they product to date.

Amber P.
Age: 58

The co2 syringe that Standard Farms Ohio produces has been one of my favorite products within the Ohio medical market. This product is as versatile as it gets, the oil is fully activated and allows you to dab the oil, eat the oil, and cook with oil. We have had a wonderful time creating new food receipts with this oil. Thank you, Standard Farms.

Joe Z.
Age: 30

I suffer from high anxiety and I do not vaporize oils or flower products. I am a new Ohio patient and was recommended to try a Standard Farms tincture. Since I do not vaporize this tincture offered an alternative to medicate. This product has reduced my anxiety and allows me to precisely dose myself without over doing it. It is a great alternative to vaporizing and still give you the relief you need for multiple hours.

Nikki K.
Age: 29

The quality of the vaporizable oil that Standard farms places into a cartridge is second to none in my experience. The effects I receive after administering the oil allows me to focus on the task at hand. The consistency and the presentation of the product is first class. The packaging and presentation of the Standard Farms brand is sleek and modern. I would recommend all Ohio patients to try the cartridges that they offer. You won’t be disappointed.

Chris S.
Age: 37

I enjoy Standard Farms cartridges for many reasons, but the thing I enjoy most is they are the closest thing that tastes like the real flower!

Steve K.
Age: 37

What I enjoy most about Standard Farms is the quality and consistency of their product when compared to the competition. Standard Farms is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, as I am never disappointed!