All-in-One Vape – Live Rosin (Voca)

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All-in-One Vape – Live Rosin (Voca)

Standard Farms “All-In-One” Rosin Vape combines the functionality of a high-quality vape pen, a long-
lasting battery, and a pre-filled cartridge into a compact and user-friendly package. The Voca Pro device is
calibrated to ensure the rosin is heated to the perfect temperature for flavor and vapor. This product
guarantees a smooth and flavorful draw from the first inhale to the last.  Enjoy a high THC and terpene
filled product without the mess that comes with consuming a traditional rosin product.

  • Solventless Concentrate
  • Cold-cured for a rich deep flavor
  • High Testing in THC and Terpenes
  • Small-batch, single-strain

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Massachusetts, Pennsylvania


Hybrid, Indica, Sativa


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